Homeland Forensics, Inc.
Homeland Forensics is pioneering
the future of forensics and security by
fusing collaborative social networking
with forensic computing.

When joined together with a shared
forensic purpose and with automated
forensics tools all users of personal
computers and digital communications
devices, including smart phones or
tablets, are capable of unprecedented
forensic discovery, record-keeping,
and investigation.

We call these new capabilities FORENSIC SEARCH and our motto is "Investigate Yourself!"

Enterprise Solutions
preEmpt 2.0 Enterprise protects corporate desktops and servers with a unique Windows security solution that proactively fixes security flaws, protects against unknown worms, viruses and other malware, is easy to manage through Active Directory, and works seamlessly with legacy Antivirus and Spyware deployments.


Home & Office
preEmpt is the last word in proactive Windows Security. Fix the security holes in your Windows PC once and for all with Active System Hardening technology found only in preEmpt. Home office users can also enjoy the same protection at a fraction of the cost of individual copies.

Partnering opportunities with Homeland Forensics are numerous. Whether you are a Reseller, OEM, ISV, MSP, or would like to pursue a technology alliance, our proven partnering programs will deliver value and time to market advantages.

Security Research
Homeland Forensics is one of the world's leading forensics and security research organizations, and forensic analysis is the heart of Homeland Forensics. Homeland Forensics identifies vulnerabilities within complex technology and develops solutions to those vulnerabilities.

Homeland Forensics is a proven leader in today's most sensitive and demanding technical and scientific fields. Whatever the issue, wherever the legal jurisdiction, our team will deliver compelling legal arguments and analysis, certain to influence the outcome of your case.

We receive many support questions every day covering topics such as installation, compatibility, or functional usage. The question you have may very well already be answered within our Knowledge Base.

Homeland Forensics was founded in 1999 and has built a reputation as one of the leading security and forensics research firms. Homeland Forensics' patent-pending technologies and world-recognized security research are the foundations of security products like preEmpt 2.0 that helped create the Host Intrusion Prevention market.

News & Events

July 22, 2013
Read The 8-K Filing Listing Our New Social Media Profiles

July 15, 2013
Jason Coombs Again Appointed Chairman/CEO

March 21, 2011
Wen Peng Appointed New Chairman/CEO

March 3, 2011
Homeland Forensics Spin-Out Announced, Parent Company Will Be Renamed 3Me, Inc.

December 22, 2010
Homeland Forensics appoints two new Directors, chooses Wen Peng as new CFO

December 21, 2008
Homeland Forensics CEO's Letter to Stakeholders in 2008

October 25, 2008
Homeland Forensics Acquires 504investor Website - View 8K
February 29, 2008
Homeland Forensics Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire United Forensics

December 31, 2007
Homeland Forensics CEO Delivers Letter to Stakeholders, Name Changing to Homeland Forensics, Inc

July 27, 2006
Homeland Forensics Files Provisional Patent Application

June 26, 2006
Homeland Forensics Secures Digital Forensics Expert Jason Coombs as New CEO

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Everything is evidence when viewed with careful forensic analysis. The Homeland Forensics Search Engine empowers users of technology to collect observations of almost anything, anywhere, automatically uploading forensic data for archival search.

We call this FORENSICS-IN-THE-CLOUD and it will revolutionize the very nature of evidence, offering new ways to investigate and to find answers.

Cloud forensics is also about hosting specialized software designed to help with any forensic inquiry, or automating forensic incident response. Homeland Forensics can provide you with the ability to activate full forensic logging of everything your computers and mobile devices do, with a single mouse click.


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