Independent Forensics Laboratory

We maintain a world-class computer and engineering forensic laboratory. Our forensic technicians and engineers have years of experience in providing forensic research. Our laboratory services are available to all. Experts rely on our scientific and repeatable methods, or reporting and documentation and sound forensic research skills to provide the foundation for their expert testimony. Attorneys, public defenders, JAG attorneys and courts rely on our unbiased research to provide services as special masters, defense and prosecution experts. We have experts who have testified in civil and criminal matters in both State and Federal courts.

Our laboratory services are available through our home office in Newport Beach, California or through one of our satellite offices in Mexico City, Auckland, New Zealand, Hilo, Hawaii, or Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Our services are unbiased and non-affiliated. We provide the same excellent forensic examination services to the defense, prosecution or plaintiffs in any matter, regardless of the nature of the matter.

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Email: [email protected]

Intellectual Property Expert Witness Services

Our experts have many years of experience providing research and testimony for intellectual property matters including copyright, patent and trade secret infringement. We are particularly expert in the examination of source code in any computer language to determine intellectual property infringement.

We have provided research and testimony in cases involving:

  • Software Patent Infringement
  • Software Copyright Infringement
  • Electronic Design Copyright Infringement
  • Software and Electronic Trade Secret Infringment

Our Forensics Advisory Board Includes:

  • Dr. Stephen Weiss, Professor of Computer Science and Former Department Chair of the University of North Carolina.
  • Judd Robbins, Pre-Eminent Computer Hardware and Software Intellectual Property Expert
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