Security Research

PivX Labs, with some of the world's leading Windows and network security researchers, is the heart of PivX Solutions. PivX security researchers have discovered critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and other products and operating systems. PivX Labs responsibly reports those vulnerabilities to software publishers and develops mitigations or Fixes to block the exploit of those vulnerabilities. PivX Solutions flagship product, preEmpt 2.0, is a direct result of the security research performed by PivX Labs.

PivX researchers concentrate on identifying and blocking the root cause of specific vulnerabilities. By focusing on the root cause, mitigation steps developed by PivX Labs, are able to block entire classes of vulnerabilities, including some that have yet to be discovered. These mitigation steps are then codified into "Fixes" that are released to preEmpt 2.0 subscribers through a highly secure update process.

"Fixes" from PivX Labs released to customers in September 2003 successfully blocked in advance Sasser, MSBlaster, SoBig.F, Bizex, Welchia, Nachi, LSASS vulnerabilities, RPC/DCOM vulnerabilities, all Internet Explorer command execution vulnerabilities and many more. The Threat Center page includes examples of worms and exploits that preEmpt 2.0 protects against. The advance protection provided through preEmpt is constantly being updated and new Fixes are regularly built to provide zero day protection against known and unknown threats to your Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP system.



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