Why Partner With PivX?

  • preEmpt Enterprise is the only security solution that pre-emptively secures the Microsoft platform from Win 95/NT - Win XP/2003 against attack from worms, viruses, and malware through host based "Active System Hardening" and Intrusion Prevention techniques. Over the past 12 months, preEmpt users were protected in advance, and not affected by, threats such as Blaster, Slammer, Sasser, all Internet Explorer exploits, and hundreds of other worms and viruses that infected millions of machines. PivX focuses on eliminating classes of vulnerabilities in the OS and applications instead of focusing on downstream exploits. This focus on vulnerabilities effectively takes away the ability for a worm or virus, no matter how many variants or strains, to adversely affect the platform.

  • preEmpt is poised to help partners with significant revenue opportunities in this new Desktop Intrusion market.

  • PivX security researchers have discovered hundreds of critical vulnerabilities and are acknowledged experts in the security vulnerability research, mitigation, and product development.

  • PivX Security Research has led us to develop a deep understanding of the vulnerability exploit process, which provides our partners with leading edge security solutions to develop a competitive edge in the market and drive new lines of revenue.

  • PivX provides sales, marketing, and technical materials, training, and the programmatic support and margins to help make our mutual partnership successful.
  • Partners & Alliances

    At PivX, partnerships and alliances are core to our business model and go to market efforts. We are looking to continue building successful industry relationships with the following type of partners:
    • Technology Alliances
    • ISP's
    • OEM's
    • Resellers
    • ISV's
    • Managed Security Service Providers

  • PivX believes in developing quality relationships with companies that would like to provide leading-edge security solutions to meet demanding customer needs.

  • PivX looks forward to discussing partnering opportunities between our companies. Please email PivX and a channel representative will be back to you shortly.
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