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PivX Solutions Secures Digital Forensics Expert Jason Coombs as New Chairman and CEO

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 26, 2006--PivX Solutions, Inc., a vendor of Windows intrusion prevention software, today named digital forensics expert Jason Coombs as the company's new Chairman and CEO.

Mr. Coombs assumes control of PivX Solutions at a time of significant change in the security marketplace. Additional intellectual property assets acquired from Mr. Coombs will help reposition the company to adapt to these market changes.

"PivX Solutions is a true pioneer in the host intrusion prevention and software vulnerability repair business." said Tydus Richards, outgoing CEO. "Jason Coombs has long been a supportive influence on this emerging industry and PivX as a company. His information security and forensics expertise make him the best candidate to guide and shape the future of PivX."

"Experience in civil litigation, computer forensics and information security has shown me the profound, lasting value of a team that demonstrates superior knowledge and technical skill in civil conflicts, security incident response, and forensic investigations." said Mr. Coombs. "Combining information security and forensics in ways that only a pioneer in host intrusion prevention can do represents a very significant long-term opportunity for new product and service development."

As Chairman and CEO, Mr. Coombs will evaluate the present condition of PivX and apply his expertise in the interest of its shareholders in order to help PivX remain an independent entity and recover its market leadership position.

Under his direction, PivX will apply its expertise and intellectual property assets valuable for analyzing and ensuring Windows software security to recruit other forensic experts who will meet the most important security, incident response, and digital forensic investigative needs of customers.

"In the complementary, intertwined fields of information security and forensics, loyalty and trust matter almost as much as being right all the time." said Mr. Coombs. "Nobody can be right all the time, but it's a real mystery why so many people in positions of authority today are so frequently untrustworthy. People can be trustworthy all the time."

About Jason Coombs

Jason Coombs was previously Director of Forensic Services for PivX Solutions as a result of a sale to PivX of intellectual property and other business assets which he negotiated and signed with the company during 2004.

Mr. Coombs has worked for the past ten years as computer expert witness in civil and criminal court cases involving computer forensics, disputes over intellectual property rights and breach of contract. He is author or co-author of several computer books and numerous technical publications.

Mr. Coombs' career began at age 16 when he co-founded a high-end software engineering business called Pacific Knowledge through which he and a team of other programmers provided information technology management and software development services to the telecommunications industry.

About PivX Solutions

PivX Solutions, Inc., is a security research product and services company that leverages its domain knowledge to increase the security of corporate networks, home PCs and the Internet infrastructure. PivX also conducts highly confidential security-related work on behalf of some of the world's largest corporations. PivX research has identified multiple vulnerabilities and ways to exploit many of the world's widely-used operating systems and software including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft IIS, Unreal Engine, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Cisco IOS, and Turbo Tax.

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