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PivX Solutions Files for Patent Protection and Discloses New Inventions

Newport Beach, CA � July 27, 2006 � PivX Solutions, Inc., a vendor of Windows intrusion prevention software, today announced the filing of a provisional patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in which the company discloses new inventions as well as seeks patent protection for key aspects of its PreEmpt 2.0 intrusion prevention security product for Windows computers.

"Filing for patent protection is a necessary step in the growth of any business that owns intellectual property.� said Jason Coombs, CEO of PivX Solutions. "Whenever we examine in forensic detail the actions and thoughts a creative person produces, be it in the realm of purely artistic creative expression or in a field of technological innovation, we find specific ways in which that person's creativity was driven by measurable units of tangible progress that further inspired more creative effort. The PivX creative staff was remarkably creative and innovative in the face of business difficulties. This provisional patent application reveals just how novel and rewarding the company's work has been."

The title of the provisional patent application, filed on July 25, 2006 reads as follows:

"A System or Method of Creating Cryptographic Command or Control Channels with Layers of Digital Signature Authentication or Verification of Digital Communications Enabling Remote Control Over, or Distribution of Arbitrary Reprogramming or Reconfiguration Instructions to, One or More General Purpose Programmable Electronic Devices" and its inventors are Oliver Lavery and Michael Bringle, et al.

PivX released version 2.0 of its PreEmpt software product on July 25, 2005 and since then the product has been enhanced and improved substantially. While working to enhance PreEmpt and integrate the company's PreView product and its Threat Focus security intelligence and intrusion prevention forensic service, the company's creative staff made several innovative discoveries that are now the subject of a pending patent.

"Submitting a provisional application for a patent is one of the most substantial actions that a creative person can take during the creative process to transform intellectual effort into tangible value." said Mr. Coombs. "The patent office expressly allows a provisional patent applicant to designate their inventions as PATENT PENDING from the date of the provisional filing, and this fact alone, frankly, is a source of much creative inspiration."

About PivX PreEmpt (TM)

PivX preEmpt (TM) creates a cryptographically-secured network for command and control messaging to and from customer's computers. This network gives PivX the ability to help defend customers' computers against unauthorized access, malicious software, spyware, adware, Trojans, viruses, worms, and privacy or digital property violations that otherwise result easily from vulnerabilities and forensic security defects common to computer software. PreEmpt can be downloaded from the company's Web site:

About PivX Solutions

PivX Solutions, Inc., started in 1999 as a family business, founded by Rob Shively and Geoff Shively as a result of their efforts to operate a previous business that created a popular Web destination for young people, similar to today, which was constantly under attack by malicious hackers. PivX Solutions initially provided information security services to customers who needed the rare expertise in computer system security hardening that the Shively family had acquired by real world experience doing battle with electronic intruders and malicious software. Today, PivX Solutions owns intellectual property that takes a novel approach to the problems of protecting computer systems against motivated attackers who intend to gain control over them by forcing microprocessors to execute unauthorized program code. The company today sells software and forensic security services to individuals and businesses worldwide.

PivX Solutions, Inc. is Pink Sheet-listed under ticker symbol PIVX. Its Web site URL is:

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These statements, and other forward-looking statements, are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties as more fully described in the Company's periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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