"In this world in which full time Internet connectivity is an increasing business necessity, our enterprise customers demand that we provide solutions that ensure 100% uptime. At the same time, worms, viruses and malware are more insidious and are they are attacking much more frequently. The current security methodologies have proven ineffective in preventing most of the recent attacks, with the sole exception of Qwik Fix Pro by PivX. We have been watching PivX and awaiting Qwik Fix Pro for quite some time. It does what it claims and that is why we have agreed to become a reseller to enterprises here in Canada. Our expectations for Qwik-Fix Pro are very high."

Martin Hirniak, Facility Soft, Toronto, Canada

Locking Down Internet Explorer
"SP2 isn't an option for everyone, especially those who don't run Windows XP. These people need another solution. You could do the lockdown yourself but it isn't easy, and you might break some applications in Windows or from third parties. Or you can get QwikFix-Pro from PivX, which does the same thing for all Win32 versions of Windows. (4 out of 5 stars) ."

Larry Seltzer, PC Magazine   Read the full article>>

PivX hardens Windows with Qwik-Fix Pro
"The product makes temporary changes to the Windows operating system, such as changing Windows configuration settings to close holes that hackers and worms crawl through. A Qwik-Fix agent can be installed and managed on Windows machines directly or remotely using Microsoft's Active Directory, according to PivX. Once installed, Qwik-Fix Pro periodically checks an update server at PivX or in the customer data center for new fixes."

Paul Roberts, IDG News Service  Read the full article>>

More Bugs and Preemptive Fixes
"I've pointed out before that I don't know of any products that offer the same functionality as Qwik-Fix Pro. I'm sure some other products offer some of the features, but as far as I know, the solution is rather unique in its approach. And it clearly defends against hundreds of known and untold numbers of unknown attack methods well in advance of their release. If you haven't tested Qwik-Fix Pro already, then you might want to take a close look at the release version when it becomes available.."

Mark Joseph Edwards, Windows & .NET Magazine   Read the full article>>

"Data Return has relied on PivX's expertise in the past to help protect it's customers and systems from worms, viruses and malcode that targeted the Microsoft Windows Platform and Internet Explorer."

Sunny Vanderbeck, Chief Executive Officer, Data Return, LLC.

"We use Qwik-Fix Pro in our remote office and it has saved us on several occasions."

Geoff Walker, Systems Administrator, Mesilla Valley Transportation

"Qwik-Fix Pro is great because it adds a 'quick-fix' to the core problem, and as such any exploits of a particular vulnerability will fail, regardless if the exploit (not vulnerability) is 0day, or even custom written and not public. I am in no way affiliated with PivX apart from being a satisfied user of their product."

Chris Keladis

"I like your product. I admire and respect your commitment to internet security for everyone. In an age of Enron, Adelphia, etc. you stand out as the best of the corporate ethic."

David Rice

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